Copic Book …


Recently my computer bit the dust… blue screen of death , the whole works 😦 Luckily one of Justin’s is a computer genius. He was able to fix the computer but i LOST all of my copic class information and the swatch book I was working on. Ugh! My current book is dying a slow and painful death. Plus it is out dated (doesn’t include any of the colors from 2011)

So I’m going to start designing a new version. What do you enjoy in your swatch book or what do you wish it had that it doesn’t have. I’m thinking about going large. 8.5 x 11. My current one is only A2, its small and compacted BUT it so full of stuff that its going to explode if anything else goes it.


Merry Christmas to me !!!


My Husband hit it out of the park today … I love him dearly but he is such a present botard sometimes 🙂 Today I got a pair of work pants ( in the right size) and super great sweater that I will actually wear. But the gem of the day was my new copic marker storage. He picked this out ALL by him self. In fact i had never even seen these cases.image

I couldn’t wait until the Dora fest was over in the living room so i could run off and sort my Markers. I also got that set of gel pens from my dad. I think i need to figure out how to make some more dividers so i can have each color in their own “home”. Clearly i need more markers to fill out the new storage container. I wish the price wasn’t going up again ….


How do you store your copics? I also have a wooden desk box that a friend recycled to me. I like being mobile so i have use that.

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all! Hope you get all the crafty bits you asked for! Also welcome all the lookers from pin interest.  Please feel free to add me. I will get my link up as soon as I’m not mobile. I’m waiting for the wondertot to wake up to open her presents. I think I maybe more excited then she is.

I hope to update more now that the retail season will finally show and that I figured out how to down load the WordPress. Android application….. makes my life so so much easier.  Plus I’m feeling the need to color… copics or prismas?

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Not art related …


I actually miss writing and creating. Since the beginning of September i have been working 6 days a week filling in for the main book keeper at work. Not to mention that some how the wonder tot ended up with hand foot and mouth disease… I itch just thinking about it again.

My main reason to post is to find out if anyone has gone back to school after getting a degree and having a family … and working full time?

The reason i ask is in march i will be taking over the main book keeping spot at work and i know ZERO ( except what i have learned since September) about accounting. My degree is actually in Art history and communications.
Were you able to do it and balance family and full time job? is online the way to go for as much as you can? local college or one of those internet based things? HELP…..

Copic Classes


I just wanted to Let you know that the Intro to Copic Markers, Advance Copics, Coloring Hair and Skin classes have been scheduled. Upon RSVP of class you will be mailed a supply list of what you will need to bring to class.

Intro to Copic Markers –

Date: Friday 8/26 OR Saturday 8/27 (Please let me know which class you will be attending)
Time: 1-4 pm
Place: Hobby Lobby Classroom

Price: $40 – Includes printing of class book and use of Class markers
This class will cover the Intro to Copic Markers and Getting Started with Copics. Here’s a list of just some of the topics/questions that will be covered in the Intro to Copic Markers class:
Why Copic Markers and what makes them so unique?
What is the best type of paper and ink to use with Copic Markers?
Techniques for Coloring and Stamping with Copics
What do the numbers on the markers mean?
How do I know which colors to choose?
How should I buy/collect Copic Markers?
Everyone will receive a class information packet with all the topics and answers covered throughout the class. A Color copy of the newest version of the Copic color wheel and paper samples to decide what kind of paper you like to use.

Advance Copics
Date: Friday 9/9 OR Saturday9/10 (Please let me know which class you will be attending)
Time: 1-4 pm
Place: Hobby Lobby Classroom

Price: $40 – Includes printing of class book and use of Class markers
Expands on Intro to Copics {required to take Copic II, unless otherwise approved}, including information on advanced blending techniques {feathering}, use of blender pen and further uses for Copic markers {Embellishments). Class included instruction sheet and stamped Images.

Coloring Hair and Skin Class
Date: TBD – depending on student interest.
Time: TBD
Place: Hobby Lobby Classroom
Price: $30 – Includes printing of tag book and use of Class markers
Pre-req – Intro to copics and Copic basics 2. Please refer to instructor if you have any questions.

Build on your knowledge of Copic Markers and learn how to color different hair and skin tones. Plus additional information and practice for coloring wings and shadow/lighting tips. Class includes notes and stamped tag book.

Argghhhhh Matey – Wheres me Treasure?


One of my goals of frustration is to start blogging again. I loved the outlet that it gave me. I canceled my old blog after a few nasty ladies got the best of me from a crafty website. I hate how catty some people are. Old news …. New blog 🙂

First off Miss K turned 3 on the 5th and we had a AWESOME pirate party. I couldn’t find a treasure chest that would work for  holding the treat bags. But of course mama thinks outside the crafty box. A few months ago during a reset at work, we got rid of these gosh awful green paisley chests that held little religious notebooks (i WISH i had taken a before picture.) I grabbed one thinking i could do something with it. I was thinking modge podge, my cricut and some pretty paper.

Well – I had a vision … I ran to walmart and grabbed some  brown paint. I really wanted a matte finish, but i guess the cheap brand doesn’t come in matte brown. So i settled on leather something or other. It had a glossy  finish, but beggars cant be choosers right?

I then cut up a cardboard box and hot glued it to the top to look like the top of an old chest. Justin took it out back and sprayed the heck out of that box. It took that entire can of paint.  It looked awesome but missing *something* ….. I looked around in my crafty junk drawer ( really a large Tupperware that i toss things in when i know I’ll need it again some day.) And found some metal buttons. You know the type that you cover with fabric? I hot-glued those suckers on there. Just what it needed.

Wow that’s a lot of talking about some silly paint, cardboard and buttons. But I’m kinda proud of the whole thing.

Color me Creative – Brown Hair Challenge.


This was a shoo in for me …. LoL. I only color brown and black hair . I’m kinda scared of coloring blonds, they always look overly cartoon- like and cheap.

I wish i had written down the colors I used for her hair. They were different  from  my normal set of  E31, 33, 35, 37 set. I love the light brown hair color. I remember the wings were B95 and something else. I’m really beating myself up for forgetting.  I used the gold Spica for the inside of the wings. The stamp is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. Its C.C. Designs Lil bug Emma. I got it because it reminds me of Miss K. with the little pig tails.

The paper was from Echo Park . I believe I used papers from the “walk in the park” line. I wasn’t really setting out to make a card, it was suppose to be just decompressing coloring and it just all fell together into a super cute card.

I also colored these as practice. I’m really loving Feather blending and am trying really hard to prefect it.

I really liked the yellow to purple …. I’m really starting to get the hang of it…. Finally right?

Going gothic ??!?!?


I should really get better at posting… i actually have like 3 projects done but just haven’t posted much. I was recently hurt at work during a freight day and have been taken off work for a few weeks to heal. It will be 2 weeks since it happened and i have only now regained use of the fingers on my left hand.

This was a picture take a few days ago.  It looks a lot better today, the bruising seems to travel. my hand is pretty black and blue right now 🙂

Luckily its not broken, But still hurts like hell. The picture doesn’t do the swelling justice.


On to happier topics ….I have a card to share with you. The challenge over at Tiddly ink’s Challenge blog is to attempt something “Gothic” . That is WAYYYYYYY outside my comfort zone.  Here is my final result. I’m not sure I’m in love with it. I been adding and maybe it will grow on me.

I used Copic Markers to color her in. I tried to feather blend the skirt. It got a little spotty in the middle. I was trying to blend with a lighter color. The flower is actually a pink Prima. I Couldn’t find the colors i wanted so i just made my own. I used BVoo and BV08  to get the colors I wanted.

Her hair was my favorite!!! I replaced the C7 that I usually use for black hair and used BV29.  I then used the black spica marker. The glitter is awesome.

Here are the colors that I used:




While I was adding the pictures from my phone to the computer for my copic marker post. I figured i should post a few of the cards that i have finished lately.

This one is from a card sketch from somewhere. I believe it was my Stampers Anonymous group…

Here is the sketch that we were suppose to be following …. I don’t do well with that…

I did this card for a friend who had a baby boy … I wish i knew what the stamp was called. I received them in a stamp swap. I would love to actually own these stamps.

I seem to think that its called Lazy Ellie or something like that.

and this was for a birthday card for one of Katie’s little friends.

My Copic Book


After i taught my class a few weekends ago, I have been getting A LOT of questions about the Copic swatch book. I can’t color with out my book being right there. I’m in the process of thinking about making a bigger one with all the new colors….. Because i HAVE to have the new colors …..  I really like my book.  I’m always looking for little things to make it prettier. But I’m running out of room.

This is the front cover. The paper is from the Mariposia paper pack. In fact the entire album is from the same pack. What you can’t see in this picture is the copious amounts of homemade glimmer mist that is on the front. the paper is even a little bubbled in places because the first batch didn’t have enough rubbing alcohol in it. I have since tweaked the recipe and made it perfect. The clasp was just a plain tan (ugly-ish) leather. I took a few of my markers and colored it to match the paper. I bound it with my cinch. The rings are the wrong color but i haven’t gotten around to playing with the alcohol ink to try and change it.

this is the inside of the front cover.  There a pocket on the left side. The right side is just the copic instruction page.  Nothing exciting really

The 3 pages of my color chart. they are broken down by color families. You can’t see it in these pictures but for the colors that i own Ciao markers for there is a “C” in the box. That why i know to look for it in a different spot.  There is a few rub ons and bling sprinkled on these pages.

This is my custom color groups. There is another pocket on the left side. There is a pocket at the end of each “section”. I just covered an envelope with paper and then took the end of a cupcake punch the make a pull spot.

This is the “basic” sheets. It has a 3 set blending set for each color family. Makes it super simple to pick out colors.

“Brights” groups.

“Muted Pastels” groups

“Earth Naturals” groups

My favorite color groups. There is a few cross over from the other groups. You can also see the original color of the leather closure in these pictures.

Another pocket. This was just really pretty paper. The dreams was a rub-on.

This is my Color combo groups. Its mostly notes and when i find a color combo that i like or find a set online. I can write them down in this sections so i will remember them. This is one of the sections that i need to expand on.

there is like 6 more pages that look very similar to this one … I saved you the boring details.

this is my FAVORITE section on my book – Plus one of my favorite happy accidents..

I managed to mess this rub-on up horribly.. you know the mess up, not everything rubbed on. I took my copic multiliners and started drawing in the lines that hadnt transferred over. I think took my markers and colored it in.  That weird rub on film made the colors look all faded out. BRILLIANT

now why this is my favorite part and why i NEED more space in this section is because: When i color something that I like  i always make an extra copy and put it in my book ( please ignore the first couple pictures you can see how my coloring has evolved) and i write about each section and put the colors i used so i can reuse them if i have to.. IE hair, skin, clothes wings etc.

This was my first attempt at black hair ….. I think I’m in love ….. so much work to get it right but sooooo much fun trying.

The ones that don’t make it onto a page get the info written either on the back or on the bottem and put in the pocket at the end. Told ya i love the pockets.

This is the last section in my book and its for hair and skin colors that I like. The bling was a large one that i cut to make fit in my book. I love how “over the top” it is.

These are mostly just testers for when i find a combo i like. I like to keep records so i can go back and find things that I like. I also stamped up a bunch of this little Tilda so if i come across one online I can write it down. The blank Tilda’s live in the pocket at the end of the book …. surprise surprise 🙂

When i was going thru my book, I came across this on the very last page of the book:

It says “Jamie, I just wanted to say Hi and I love you alot  yoyo Love Justin”  OOOOH i actually teared up when i read that little love note … I didn’t even care that he touched  my book!!!