EDIT: I have fought with this entry for like 20 minutes and that is my limit… the pictures are all cut off. i have no idea why… problem seems to be fixed if i post from Flickr. But i can only post one picture at a time. ugh

This was my first attempt at a “joy fold” card. i had actually left my computer down stairs and was much much too busy to go down stairs to get the actual measurements. so i winged it. i think it turned out really cute. Justin said to me ” i bet you can’t make a card with a beaver on it” it was alot easier then he thought. i think he was thinking” i will give her something hard to do so she stops talking while sports are on”

Side veiw – the little flap fits under the circle.

Inside- i thought it was a little plain and i had some ribbon pieces that i was getting sick of carting around .. it was a win – win

Another simple card – Used walk in my garden for the flowers, they were cut at 5in, in the charm settling. then i cut off the little circle on the top. there is 3 pieces of very sheer ribbon across the top and 2 little bows. they are really hard to see. i took some of tim’s distressing ink and did the corners. i had a fight with the glue while working on this card and the glue won, and note to self the ink doesn’t stick to glue.


Super simple scrap card. Hard to see in the first picture but i used the martha stewart lacey punch, little green ribbon and my mom’s brass embossing plate and i was done. Oh and a little red bling for the “i”



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