A product plug that has nothing to do with anything on this blog!


This weekend has been soooo busy. Friday night i was invited to a “prue romance” party. I went with no expectations except having a good girls night out with friend that i haven’t seen in a long time! Well i spent way to much money, but the best thing i got was Coochy. yup you read that right. Don’t let the name turn you off . Its the best stuff EVER!
It is a shave cream that ( per the website) Relaxes the hair follicle to allow a smooth, clean shave.Helps eliminate the red bumps that often appear in the bikini area, underarms, and legs after shaving. And the best Part it doubles as a gentle hair conditioner.

My legs, armpits and hair have really never been so happy at once!

Saturday we went to the County fair. It was really fun until we went into the cow barn. Once cow moo-ed at Katie and it was GAME over. The child started to scream bloody murder and we had to leave FAST. The day went down hill from there.

Today was out first bowling league date. Truth be told, i hated it, but it means alot to justin. My best game i scored a Whooping 71! way to go handicap!


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