better late then never right?!?


I finally got around to taking pictures of the stocking that i made for christmas. They were surprisingly easy to make. I used my mom’s sewing machine ( OMG best machine ever, no foot) and i was able to finish them in about a day and a half.

Each stocking is sort of different.

This one is Katie’s she is going thru a SERIOUS puppy stage! You can’t really say it int he picture but i cut out a few of the different squares and attached with ribbon w/ paw prints on it. then sewed it into the seam.

This is Auntie Kiki’s it was a scrap she picked out of my stash. Its is flannel! Love it! After it was finished she decided that it needed her name on it so i grabbed some of my chip board letters and glued them to a ribbon that i resewed in to the top seam.

this is Justins .. More chipboard letters. Those saved my life that day. He picked out this fabric, it has little snowmen on it.

This one is mine … Its Heidi grace fabric … I’m on a HUGE heidi grace kick right now …

Close up of the flower … lots of different sized circle and some purple tulle….


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