Refurbish, Re-Stickify, Re-Use


Those pesky Cricut mats. You have to have them but after a few cuts the stickiness is kaput! The first thing I always try is wiping all the bits and pieces off with a diaper wipe. This usually bring back some sticky. If a diaper wipe doesn’t cut it here is a couple of cheap and easy solution to re-stick those expensive mats.

~~METHOD 1 ~~
*this is the method i use*

You need four items to re stick your mats.
1. Old gunky cricut mat
2.Blue painters tape (or masking tape)
3.Magic Eraser
4. Spray adhesive ( i have also heard that Quilter Basting spray also works)

I first scrub it clean with a Magic Eraser, once it drys i tape off the edges. you MUST tape right up to the edge of the mat otherwise the over-spray will make those places in the mat sticky then it will gunk up the roller bits on your machine. Then you spray LIGHTER the better use a steady stream of spray and go back and forth and up and down, but only ONCE, sometimes more is better but in this case it isn’t. I found this out the hard way so take my advice. One time back and forth and up and down.Cover your spray area or go outside! It dries within a minute or two take off the blue painters tape and it is as good as new. Don’t forget to cover it with the clear plastic protector and may stick to it more so than it did originally but just peel it off and it will work fine. Your reprocessed mat will be stickier than it was when you originally bought it so don’t use thin paper on it use your older mats for that.

~~Method 2 – Zig glue~~

Watch the video below for the instructions on using the Zig Glue – 2 way glue. The video is the bet way to show the process. The only thing i would add is to make sure you allow your mat to dry over night. If you don’t wait long enough the mat will be too sticky to easily remove your item and can tear thinner paper.


Goo Gone helps to de-gunk the old pad. I found a little bottle at the dollar store last time i was there.

Rotate your mat and insert it in the other direction. A full piece of paper is centered squarely in the center of the mat. So even though the printed text indicates one direction it will go in the same.

Store them with the plastic film over them. Without them, your mat can collect dust or debris (or a toddler) and not last as long. I like to store my mats together sticky side to sticky side. In my world i think that the sticky might stay stickier….. because I’m always losing those pieces of plastic.

Don’t cut too deep. Make sure the blade height is set just enough to get through the material you are cutting. If it cuts deeper into the mat, it just wears it our faster.


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  1. Jamie, thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I got to see my grandbaby more often, but we skype every few weeks. THANK YOU for posting this information and tutorial for resticking the mats. I've read some about this, but yours is in great detail. I zig glue over my dirty mat till I can't stand it anymore. ha ha ha. I have magic eraser so I'm going to try that!

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