Short note about copy righting


There has been a lot of babble on the Cricut message board about copy writing and people using (and by using i mean posting them on their blogs without asking permission first) files and pictures with other blog.

While i feel that my pictures are nothing worth copying, i’m going to take the extra time to put a small watermark on each of my pictures. It take a little more time for me, but i do share my pictures on a lot of different forums and i would be super peeved if someone else took credit for something that i have worked hard on. With that said I have NO problem with people using my projects as inspiration.

If you are hardcore ( or just need the reassurance) and need to copyright a file that you have created go to My free Copyright. Put that information into your blog someplace. What it does is put a time and date stamp on anything you post. If you have a file, you have to introduce the file with in a post. My Free Copyright will then send you an e-mail with that date/time stamp.
You can also add CopyGator to to your blog, it will tell you if someone is using your pictures or copying you word for word (or anything super close to what you wrote.) I don’t think I need to worry, but i thought i would get the knowledge out to anyone who might need it

((thank you to Cindy at for all this helpful information!))

Now that all the “legal” mumbo jumbo is done , i have a few projects coming in the next few days, I created them a few weeks ago and never posted them. They are cute and happy! I’m so done with this half assed winter we got this year ! i want sunshine, warm weather, flowers and happy chirping birds


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