Making your own Stamp cleaner

2 Tablespoons glycerin (in the Rx dept.)
8 oz. distilled water
1 teaspoon baby wash { Johnson and Johnson’s etc }

Mix together and place in a small spray bottle. Spray.. Rub.. Wipe .. Wash Rinse Repeat…
{{ We bought some cleaner off E-baby and the recipe the lady used included baby oil. A HUGE yuck! The glycerin does the same thing and it doesn’t oil stain the wood if you use wood mounted stamps}}

**How it works**
Alone the Baby wash and the distilled water would clean your stamps. However the bottle of glycerin says “skin protectant”, so I can only guess that it protects the rubber from the “detergent” effect of the baby wash. The main reason for using a good stamp cleaner would be to also prolong the life of your stamps.
{that’s what I THINK anyway…I’m no chemist}
  • If you buy a package of wall paint edgers {from lowes or someplace like that, the edgers are to paint the edge of the wall at ceiling and baseboards.} You can use anything to store them in.. even a ziploc baggie! For bigger stamps, take the trimmer out and hold it in your hand to scrub the stamp. These edgers are the same thing you pay $10-$12 for from stamp companies.
  • If you like the way the Stamping up cleaner smells, you can add a little “Rose Water” into the above mix. It is also found at the drug stores! Personally I love the smell of baby shampoo!
  • Always use distilled water when diluting mediums or making supplies…chemicals and/or minerals in tap water can cause discoloration.

Keep in mind that clear stamps stain much more easily than rubber stamps, especially with certain inks {blah to Stazon!}.


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