goo gone …. really?!?


I once read on the website Split coast Stampers how you can color with color pencils and then used Goo Gone to blend the color. I used a cheapy set of crayola 50 count colored pencils.

I found the Goo Gone (now being refereed to as *GG*) at the dollar store. I received some stamped images in a recent swap and they were still sitting in the living room. My First attempt kind of stunk! I didn’t use enough color for it to blend properly.

I also used pointed q-tips and they picked up to much *GG* and kind of made a mess. I have heard that the paper blenders are alot better, a friend is sending me some because no matter how much i search i just can’t find them here. WEIRD. I remember having some in college but i can’t remember where i got them or if i still even have them.

My second attempt was much better, I colored the edges heavily and then pulled the color inward.
This one turned out ALOT better ( my third try was even better, but i didn’t take a picture of that)
I have also read that you can use baby oil (?!?) for the same type of effect … i just happen to have almost brand new bottle of it laying around from Katie’s baby shower. Does anyone actually use that stuff anymore? We used it for cradle cap. While i was searching for the article on using baby oil i came across this article about the “hog with no hedge” it gave me my OOOOH thats so cute for the day.


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