Happy Late Valentines day…. We had a fun night playing games with of friends. Apple to Apples for the win! ( i love that game so much) Any ways it’s Mellisa’s birthday on Tuesday and i know i wouldn’t see her before then so i bust my bum to make her a present. Of course i didn’t start anything until late Saturday night.

First off here is her card… It was made in about 28 minutes, right before we ran out the door. The Tilda was from my latest stamp image swap. I colored her with regular Ol’ crayola colored pencils and blended with Goo Gone and a pointed q-tip.

Now on to her present. She had seen my crayon roll that i made for Mason, and thought that would be neat for her paintbrushes. She got an beginner at set for christmas and loves it!

All rolled up! I reached into my fabric stash and something more adult ( besides birds and bugs i guess) I had alot of trouble putting it together because my little craft sewing machine had decided that it also had PMS and only worked part of the time. I went to my storage unit to find my good Babylock and of course i found the machine but no matter how much i search i couldn’t find the cord or the foot. Ugh i wonder what box they are in.
This one is a lot bigger then the crayon roll. Totally unrolled and unfolded it is 17′ tall and 20′ wide. There is 2 pockets one at 5′ deep and the other is 9′ deep. The top folds over to protect the brush tops.

Thanks for looking


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