baby showers, paint cans and Giraffes


Wow busy weekend … We drove to Portland for a baby shower on Friday (i wouldn’t even get into the 400 miles of veggie tales that we listened to on the way here) My good friend Serenity came over with her Cricut Expression (OMG that put my little personal cutter to shame) She helped me ( and by helped i mean found her new love for her cricut, and i enabled her by loaning her my cartridges)

I decided to put Rhya’s present in a paint can … It adds such a personal touch, the gift inside was rather boring compared to the outside.
The paint can was from Michaels, I covered it in the yellow paper, which was from K & company. Its the Baby pack and i have decided i love this pack! i love it for some many different things. I cut the “little One” from the New Arrival cart. I believe it was cut at 4 inches, once in green and once in brown on the shadow option. The Green border was cut with a friskers punch. (notice there is no pictures of the back? that’s because nothing lined up HA) I tied ribbon around the handle to add interest… and the little Giraffe was found at the Carters outlet for under $3.
I did a little dot dot dash around the outside, and glued a few skittles/dew drops to cover up my mistakes … works like a champ each time.

The stars were cut from Doodle charm, a little dot dot dash, and some foam pop up tape. The key to open the can was attached to that green pacifer.
close up of the star.
The card was made with scraps from the paint can.. For some reason the card came out an entire different color but i promise it IS the same paper as the green above.
Close up of the Giraffe … used the GooGone method … however i blended it with a super crappy hotel q-tip. I’m suprised it turned out as nice as it did. I’m not happy with how the wording came out.


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