I have 7 projects i need to take pictures off, however the new camera i got, I HATE … not just a little hate. I wish i could run over it with my car. Back to Walmart i go ( i have to go there, i bought the first one from there and when i sent it in for replacement instead of 1. sending me the same camera back or 2. sending me a check. They put the monies on a Walmart gift card. Awesome.

i did however take pictures of this small card i made for a “cupcake” loving friend. please excuse the pictures. They were take at the except same time and nothing was changed ( ie settings or light) I have found that the only time this camera takes good pictures is in the absolute dark. Weird.

never mind that you don’t even get pictures the stupid camera ATE them ….

So imagine a cute and happy cupcake card ….

Found the pictures … they do zero justice to how cute the card actually turned out.

ugh! Card cut at 5.5 inches, its tiny fits into a A2 envelope. just ugh!


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