more and more inchies ( and guess what there is still more to come)


Round 2 of Inchie pictures. Not a bunch to say really, Loved how they turned out ( i didn’t take pictures of the ugly ones)


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  1. Hi Sally, These ones are for a swap on the Cricut message board that my dear friend Michelle is hosting. I wasn't suppose to make so many but she had SOOOO many flakers that i just wanted to help her out. I have no idea what i'll use the ones for yet, i keep them in a ziplock baggie and every once in a while i just need that tiny bit of embellishment. I use them on tiny tiny cards sometimes that I include in swaps. I'll try to do some inchie projects soon to get an idea. Here is a blog that shows some amazing things to do with inchies. Mine are homely compared to her stuff.

  2. I was wondering what you did with them too… I am surprised I did not see them on the Cricut message board, I am on there all the time it seems. I think yours are very cute! 🙂

  3. Wow, Jamie. Thanks for the info. I looked at the website about inchies and was impressed with her ideas as well as her tutorials on coloring. I loved it! Thanks! I've bookmarked her site (I already had your's bookmarked!) so I can visit it daily.

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