my goodwill find –


I see lots of amazing things ( flowers made out of  old book pages) I looked around my house, the book I have here are all really new and the rest are still in storage. So set off to see if i could find something at goodwill. It was a Friday noonish and COMPLETELY crazy inside. People were pushing, and grabbing stuff out of other people’s hands. That is the last i go to that store EVER. However i did see a rather large man, who looked just like my father dressed in full drag. I mean it looked so much like my dad that i had to do a double take. Umm dad is there something you need to tell me? Besides grabbing some jeans for Miss Katie-lou-who, I grab up this book.

It had the prefect pages, slightly yellowing, heavy duty pages. I fell in love. It was prefect. Plus just as i got to th check out they announced that all books were only $0.49. WOW!
 the book was pulished in 1964, i came home and said it was vintage… i got dagger looks from my mom. 
I thought it would be prefect for projects like that:
I took this picture of the flower while it was still wet and it really still looks like a picture of a wet wad of   newspaper. I will take another one this morning, and hope it photographs better then before. I used Glimmer mist to soften the paper. then crumbled it and then took my glossy accents and added a dot in the middle and then around the edges. I couldn’t believe how much of the pink that it picked up. 
You will see more of this flower i have a project planned for it, well if it didn’t turn out ugly. I haven’t looked at it this morning yet.

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