I Love your Face.


Today was a low key kinda day. By low key i mean beast baby took a nap and I was able to get some coloring done. 

I received this stamp from one of the previous ‘stamped images’ swaps i have hosted. My good friend Serenity was the one who sent it in. I love it, so off the wall and great!

The Stamp is from Daisy Bucket. I believe she used Stampology Ink in Onyx {Serenity please correct me if I’m wrong!!!}
 I bough these awesome little sets of buttons at Michaels in the dollar bins. They is probably 30 different button of the same color. Prefect for the different embellishments. I know i got 5 different colors but all i can remember right now is green and pink. 
I colored the little monster with my plain Ol’ crayola colored pencils and Goo Gone. They seem to work really well together. I layered the colors to get the right look. I started with the lightest green,  then a slightly darker around the edges and finally the darkest green only in the corners. I blended with one of those double ended blendy sticks between each layer.

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  1. WOW– You made something amazing with my favorite stamp. I may have to completely steal this idea because I also happen to have that exact same green/white polka dotty paper. This would be the perfect Birthday card for Samara.~Serenity

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