365 card challenge….


I happened across the 365 card challenge the other day by doing some blog-hopping and the challenge for yesterday was to use only rub-ons. I love rub ons, they are hard to find in my local stores (well at least the cute ones) I pick them up every once in a while when i see then for cheap in a online store. But needless to say i want MORE {insert shy grin here}

This is my “only using rub-ons card ” all of the the rub on’s came from the basic Grey Off beat rub on book. I used the MS pastel orange ink pad for around the edges and the pastel blue one on the blue sheet {can’t see it in this picture but i promise its there!}

i think it needs buttons, or bling, GLITTER or something. I just I’ve never been a huge fan of less is better or maybe its just the muted colors, I’m not sure i’m just not loving it, don’t hate it yet.

I finally received my stamp for my sweet treats stamped image swap. I LOVE these little Changito Monkey dudes! I just had to stamp him as soon I got him outta the mailbox. I have drooling over a Crop o dile for a long time now, I really love the way eyelets look on cards, layouts… well pretty much on everything. So on Sunday we went drove out to Cheney to go to Ben Franklins. I love it there, its like a mom and pop ‘everything store’ fishing stuff and craft stuff, everyone is happy when we leave. I managed to find a 1/8 inch frisker’s eyelet setter. It looks like a big spring and you thump thump thump to punch the holes, then you thump thump thump to set the eyelet. i played with it and then went off to e-bay and big on a crop o dile! I won and for a low $12.00 {including shipping} i now own one! be prepared to see eyelets on EVERY thing!

I colored the little guys with my good ol’ crayola colored pencils. I’m still in search of my pencil sharpener so i haven’t managed to color anything with my new prisma’s YET. I then added the “you’re so sweet” stamp. I believe that it was from the Frisker’s Thank you set. It worked perfectly!

Then i pounded and thumped the 3 brads into place.
Besides that nothing is really new on the home front 🙂 I got my sewing machine back from the repair shop and its working better then i believe it has ever worked before. Maybe i just became smarter then the bobbin? We made a trip to Jo-ann’s today and got some fabric to work on our mothers day presents {can’t even give you hints here because my mom is one of my faithful readers… Hi mommy!} I also got a little fabric to make Miss Katie a few summer dresses. The heat and me do not mix and less snaps and buttons and etc that i have to do the happier my hands will be {side rant who the heck thought so many buttons, snaps, zippers etc on toddler clothes were a god idea? and why do all the cute things and 19 buttons down the back? I had to be a man ” here honey she would look cute in this!”

There was a few cute dress patterns in my 1 yard wonder book. I’m going to try those before I get all high tech and buy something. My sewing is not my best skill, I want to be good. But the before mentioned problem with not feeling my hands or my feet at any given moment can prove to be a problem. Plus i have been thinking about doing a craft fair this fall, probably with my crayon roll/ paint brush rolls. Speaking of that i have a few little boys named Evan that I need to make birthday presents for.

Sorry there is a lot of babbling going on in this post, Our internet is out at the moment and I have the time just to type while listening to some sweet babble coming from the crib. 7am WAY TO EARLY for her to be up. Especially since she didn’t go to until 9ish.


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