Mo Manning card swap…..


I’m a procrastinator… i love waiting until the last minute to do something, that way i can sit down and FORCE myself to finish something with my mind wondering around and around about other things. I need 10 of these cards due by the 30th. I have a total of ONE finished… they are all colored and cut out its just the assembling that needs to get done. I have about this {—-} Much motivation right now really.

Ok- i’m revisiting this post after 3 days of trying to get it written… Spring and sunshine does that to me I guess!

I’m not sure why the colors are looking like they are all bleeding into each other, oh well {Blame the sunshine i guess}
I believe that i cut the digi-stamp from mo manning at around 2-3inches. I colored them with my new prismacolor colored pencils. I liked them, I bought a few extra colors to add to my set and they were a MUCH higher quality then the ones I bought off amazon. Over all they Blend like butter. I used Goo Gone ass my blending medium. {which i just the world biggest bottle of the stuff yesterday and am super excited about it}

I tried to emboss the “celebrate” stamp with some glitter black embossing powder FAIL FAIL FAIL… i thought i got it all right, then i went to attach the the piece of paper and all the glitter black embossing junk rubbed right off..AWESOME! meh oh well

i attached it anyways. i punched holes with my crop-a-dile and then added the little brads.The paper is all scraps, i think some of it came from the dollar bins at target.

 I added stickles to both her wings {light blue} and to the sprinkles on the cupcake {crystal} The wings don’t glitter the way i would like them too, i might go back with some different glitter glue {crayola my default fix-all} to make the sparkle a little more sparkly. I wish the colors turned more true and not so bleedy?!?

I kinda really love this bow. The button was a pain in the ass to attach. I’m going to bust out the hot glue to attach the rest of them I think. I had to use mini glue dots to attach the ribbon so it wasn’t flapping everywhere.

Over all i give this project a 6…. the inside still needs something, oh not to mention the other 9 that i have to finish. Oh but i want to be outside in the sunshine.

I just wanted to show you my good idea of the week.. maybe month. We have 2 stampers in this house {both my mom and i LOVE to stamp} so there is 2 set of blocks for the clear stamps and they are forever getting mixed up. So the other night i busted out my Alcohol ink {i used twlight purple} and then rubbed the ink around the outside of the block.

You can’t see the color when your looking straight down on the block. Only from the side and its really just a see thru tint of color. Just enough to tell the difference. Plus it turned out REALLY REALLY COOL!

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