Have you ever hated something that you have created? I usually always find something wrong with my own work. However the  first card {epic fail} I did for the Mo Manning I absolutely HATED… I lost sleep over it. I couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me about it at that moment. Now I think its was the gaudy bow, the stupid button and the too small image {I’m always my worse critic.} So I started over, less then 10 days for due date. This set is much better in my eyes. Different colors, more glitter and a bigger images all works together.

So much simpler.
I inked the edges with a very little pink Martha Stewart dew drop shaped ink pads ( which I hate and am really sorry I bought them, going to buy the little Momento one next ink goes on sale at M’s)
I believe the paper is from a K & Company paper pack that I got last spring. I hated to use It because it was double sided and I really loved the other side also.

The wings and the cupcake top took the most work. I used a Watermark marker and colored them each in and then used a glittery embossing powder. The cupcake top was only embossed once, However I needed to emboss the wings 3 {yup three} times to get the glittery look I wanted. I had bought a small $1.99 bottle of super fine glitter and some where between M’s and my car it disappeared. I will have to check Katie’s hiddie holes to see if she took it.
I received the prefect ribbon in a embellishment swap {{thanks again Beth}} It was so pretty, I believe it was Martha Stewart. One side was a light metallic blue and the other side was a silver.  Just tied a simple knot in it and BAM I was done.
Over all, i like this version a lot better. I guess i just needed to sleep on it and rethink the idea.

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