totally MIA ,


I have been MIA from pretty much everything lately. I always get super depressed during this time of year. I let myself have a little pity party and now it is OVER!!! Back to business!

I have one project that hasn’t made it off the camera yet! It was the first little boy birthday presents ( Katie only has boy friends …oh la la) it turned out awesome (pictures WILL COME later i promise)

I got a new phone yesterday yipee (the new blackberry curve if anyone is keeping record) i love it 100x more then my old phone (blackbery flip yuck) and i took these pictures with the camera.

This is my first card for the frog, turtle, fish card swap on SCS.
Its the standard A2 size, I am so bored with the cards that i do … they ALL look the same image and ribbon and throw some buttons on there.
This is sorta a joy fold card. The instructions were for a much bigger card but i just played with it until if fit and looked alright.

I believe this is one of those cheap-y stamps. I have no idea who made it, it came out of my mom’s stash.


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