Mothers day mumbo jumbo!


 I made 3 mothers day cards … and forgot to make one for my mom. Awesome right? But i got the grandma’s covered.  I’m really not going to say much about them.i just took a bunch of pictures. they pretty much explain everything right? any questions just let me know!

 I can not get a happy medium with this stupid camera! things are either too dark or when i fix them in Flickr they look all psychedelic. Grumble!

Card #2
I Received this image in one of my stamped image swaps that i host on the cricut message board. I highlights it in a gray marker (i messed up and pretty much had to fill it all in.)I colored with my standard goo gone and prisma’s.
 I only had shinny silver brads …. So i dyed them. I use some alcohol ink ( maybe eggplant) and shake shake shake. I also made my own version of shimmer mist and used it on the flowers.
The inside:

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