Baby boy birthdays ….


Wow I’m late posting this. Katie’s friend Evan turned 2 at the end of April.

I had bought the Create a Critter cart during Michaels sale and hadn’t used it and decided why not make a simple card to match his new crayon roll. 

I believe I cut the dino at 4 inches, maybe 4.5. I’m honestly not sure, i have since lost the little sheet of paper that i wrote everything down on. I cut the “2” out at 3 inches in the shadow setting. I used the George cart. The circle came from George also probably cut at 4 inches. The paper was a covered glitter. I used my crop-a-dile to set the eyelets. I tossed the cardboard backing so i don’t know the setting for the different sizes/ styles so they come out all jacked up and broken backed. He would notice so i didn’t re do anything.
All rolled up. The buttons were stacked, super glued together and then super stitched together.

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