I’m still alive..I promise!  I’m pretty sure that the heat is sucking my creativity DRY!!! I just want to be outside playing in the sunshine! There are exciting/ crafty things coming! I have a few swaps that are due shortly so of course their will be pictures. I have a new order of Tim Holtz of alcohol inks coming and my goal is to use learn to use them for coloring. Plus I have gotten a new monkey to play with ….

Sooo recap – not dead,blame the sunshine!


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  1. Looking forward to your next post. I want to hear more about the YUDU experience. Are you dying to having one now? I think they are cool, but really don't need another craft to do or item for crafting.

  2. @Elizabeth ….Off the record. I hate the machine. I very happily passed on buying one (they were on sale for $199.00 the weekend I was there)It could of possibly been the location that I was demo-ing at and the fact it was 8 million degrees out and I was right by the door or the fact I only had diaper wipes and a spray bottle for clean up (it really needs a sink). The whole thing was a train wreck.However one of the other girls in my district has taken a step back and stopped demoing so she could spend time with her husband. They offered me her spot (every Sunday at the Micheals by my house) and she took my back-up/on call spot. They gave us a 2 wk break and then we start going at it again.

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