Atc’s and some Vinyl…..


I have been soooo busy and soooo uncreative this summer.

We have done birthday par-tays 
 and played in the park 
and just enjoyed the splash pads and sunshine!
On to the little bits of crafts that i have actually gotten done. Here are the July’s ATC’s for a group in Portland.  The theme was Summer. So i used the scuba Changito and then a baggie full of light blue hair gel. I used my cricut to cut out a frame to glue around it in case of a explosion during transit
 My Mom is on oxygen and she is by law suppose to have a “Oxygen in use, no smoking”. She use to have such a sign …. but i think the dog ate it, along with everything else that is leave in the yard or on the front porch. So i got out my cricut and tried cutting vinyl. I must say it was a BUCKET load easier then i thought it was. The secret is transfer tape. (Which I forgot had had to make a trip back to walmart to buy some)
The font is from one of the older cartridges- Doodletype and the flourish and bird is from home decor ( or home accents i always get the 2 mixed up)

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  1. Oh, it looks like your little girl is having so much fun this summer. I've been so busy as well; this is just a busy time of year for us.Your ATC's are just awesome; I haven't tried that gel technique yet. The scuba image is just perfect for it too.Love the sign you made for your mom. It's so much prettier than those store bought 'no smoking' signs. I haven't played with my cricut in a long time, but I mostly use it for lettering.

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