Wow – i haven’t updated in forever.  1st off , how do you like my new layout? Cute huh?!? I Managed to get 3 set of cards done and they were sent to the host late. I feel terrible, I have NEVER been late on a swap before. Betty I’m sorry!!! I managed to hurt my back a few saturdays ago and i have been laid out with my heating pad (have you ever been stuck to a heating pad in 90 degree weather yuck!!!) The MRI came back pretty positive. Only a small bugle in the L4 disc (i think thats the correct terms) and that physical therapy should be enough to fix it. NO SURGERY!!! YIPPEEE!

Here are the cards for Betty’s cute and adorable cards on SCS. I tried out many new things on these cards.

Card #1 – I believe she is a CC design. I  decided to color like a ladybug, but i think she is really butterfly or something. I received her in a swap, so i don’t know much about her.

I colored her in a mixture of Copic marker (Skin only) Tim Holtz alcohol ink markers and sharpies. I added some crystal stickles to her wings (why in the world do they take so long to dry) Black buttons and red embroidery thread.

Blond version
Brunette version – Colored with colored pencils (crayola and Martha Stewart) blended with Goo Gone.

Card #2

Cute Fairy princess from My cute stamps. I colored her with Martha Stewart colored pencils. The pencils blend like butter, but the colors get all washed out ( plus they have super dumb names)  its hard to see in this picture but i used my homemade glimmer mist. Ok lets be real here I used  ALOT of homemade glimmer mist 🙂 I used tulle instead of ribbon. I had to pop-dot the button over the knot.

This is the inside. I found these cute little brads at micheals last winter. I thought they were cute and never had the right project for them …. Ding fairy princess! Prefect!
Card #3

I colored these mostly with Tim holtz markers and sharpies ( maybe? I actually can’t remember now) The Image is from Rachael Anne Miller…. super cute.

I can’t remember where the crochet flower came from. The blingy brad middle came from a swap (thanks Beth)

that’s all the creative juices i have going on right now. I have more news on the job front ( i have yudu and a cricut cake demo this weekend) AND i got hired on at the new Hobby Lobby that is opening in our area next month. I will be doing the book keeping with the opportunity to teach cricut classes. I’m so excited about that!


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  1. Super cute cards! Love the new blog layout! And glad that you are feeling better and don't have to have surgery! I hope the physical therapy has you up and running soon!

  2. so cute!! i have been looking locally for some flesh/hair colored copics but can't find them!!! and i love sharpies!! i'm sure your hostess will be understanding… i hope you're doing better!lovies, =o) kel

  3. Sorry to hear that you injured your back, but so glad to hear that you don't need surgery.Congrats to you on your new job at HL, what an awesome job- I bet you are going to love it!Super cute cards- you do such beautiful coloring!

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