My Copic Book


After i taught my class a few weekends ago, I have been getting A LOT of questions about the Copic swatch book. I can’t color with out my book being right there. I’m in the process of thinking about making a bigger one with all the new colors….. Because i HAVE to have the new colors …..  I really like my book.  I’m always looking for little things to make it prettier. But I’m running out of room.

This is the front cover. The paper is from the Mariposia paper pack. In fact the entire album is from the same pack. What you can’t see in this picture is the copious amounts of homemade glimmer mist that is on the front. the paper is even a little bubbled in places because the first batch didn’t have enough rubbing alcohol in it. I have since tweaked the recipe and made it perfect. The clasp was just a plain tan (ugly-ish) leather. I took a few of my markers and colored it to match the paper. I bound it with my cinch. The rings are the wrong color but i haven’t gotten around to playing with the alcohol ink to try and change it.

this is the inside of the front cover.  There a pocket on the left side. The right side is just the copic instruction page.  Nothing exciting really

The 3 pages of my color chart. they are broken down by color families. You can’t see it in these pictures but for the colors that i own Ciao markers for there is a “C” in the box. That why i know to look for it in a different spot.  There is a few rub ons and bling sprinkled on these pages.

This is my custom color groups. There is another pocket on the left side. There is a pocket at the end of each “section”. I just covered an envelope with paper and then took the end of a cupcake punch the make a pull spot.

This is the “basic” sheets. It has a 3 set blending set for each color family. Makes it super simple to pick out colors.

“Brights” groups.

“Muted Pastels” groups

“Earth Naturals” groups

My favorite color groups. There is a few cross over from the other groups. You can also see the original color of the leather closure in these pictures.

Another pocket. This was just really pretty paper. The dreams was a rub-on.

This is my Color combo groups. Its mostly notes and when i find a color combo that i like or find a set online. I can write them down in this sections so i will remember them. This is one of the sections that i need to expand on.

there is like 6 more pages that look very similar to this one … I saved you the boring details.

this is my FAVORITE section on my book – Plus one of my favorite happy accidents..

I managed to mess this rub-on up horribly.. you know the mess up, not everything rubbed on. I took my copic multiliners and started drawing in the lines that hadnt transferred over. I think took my markers and colored it in.  That weird rub on film made the colors look all faded out. BRILLIANT

now why this is my favorite part and why i NEED more space in this section is because: When i color something that I like  i always make an extra copy and put it in my book ( please ignore the first couple pictures you can see how my coloring has evolved) and i write about each section and put the colors i used so i can reuse them if i have to.. IE hair, skin, clothes wings etc.

This was my first attempt at black hair ….. I think I’m in love ….. so much work to get it right but sooooo much fun trying.

The ones that don’t make it onto a page get the info written either on the back or on the bottem and put in the pocket at the end. Told ya i love the pockets.

This is the last section in my book and its for hair and skin colors that I like. The bling was a large one that i cut to make fit in my book. I love how “over the top” it is.

These are mostly just testers for when i find a combo i like. I like to keep records so i can go back and find things that I like. I also stamped up a bunch of this little Tilda so if i come across one online I can write it down. The blank Tilda’s live in the pocket at the end of the book …. surprise surprise 🙂

When i was going thru my book, I came across this on the very last page of the book:

It says “Jamie, I just wanted to say Hi and I love you alot  yoyo Love Justin”  OOOOH i actually teared up when i read that little love note … I didn’t even care that he touched  my book!!!


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  1. Come via SCS – What a lovely book, love the images in it too, great reference for colours used. Think I’ll be making something similiar, thanks for sharing.

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