Argghhhhh Matey – Wheres me Treasure?


One of my goals of frustration is to start blogging again. I loved the outlet that it gave me. I canceled my old blog after a few nasty ladies got the best of me from a crafty website. I hate how catty some people are. Old news …. New blog 🙂

First off Miss K turned 3 on the 5th and we had a AWESOME pirate party. I couldn’t find a treasure chest that would work for  holding the treat bags. But of course mama thinks outside the crafty box. A few months ago during a reset at work, we got rid of these gosh awful green paisley chests that held little religious notebooks (i WISH i had taken a before picture.) I grabbed one thinking i could do something with it. I was thinking modge podge, my cricut and some pretty paper.

Well – I had a vision … I ran to walmart and grabbed some  brown paint. I really wanted a matte finish, but i guess the cheap brand doesn’t come in matte brown. So i settled on leather something or other. It had a glossy  finish, but beggars cant be choosers right?

I then cut up a cardboard box and hot glued it to the top to look like the top of an old chest. Justin took it out back and sprayed the heck out of that box. It took that entire can of paint.  It looked awesome but missing *something* ….. I looked around in my crafty junk drawer ( really a large Tupperware that i toss things in when i know I’ll need it again some day.) And found some metal buttons. You know the type that you cover with fabric? I hot-glued those suckers on there. Just what it needed.

Wow that’s a lot of talking about some silly paint, cardboard and buttons. But I’m kinda proud of the whole thing.


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