Merry Christmas to me !!!


My Husband hit it out of the park today … I love him dearly but he is such a present botard sometimes 🙂 Today I got a pair of work pants ( in the right size) and super great sweater that I will actually wear. But the gem of the day was my new copic marker storage. He picked this out ALL by him self. In fact i had never even seen these cases.image

I couldn’t wait until the Dora fest was over in the living room so i could run off and sort my Markers. I also got that set of gel pens from my dad. I think i need to figure out how to make some more dividers so i can have each color in their own “home”. Clearly i need more markers to fill out the new storage container. I wish the price wasn’t going up again ….


How do you store your copics? I also have a wooden desk box that a friend recycled to me. I like being mobile so i have use that.


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